Sophomore Cullen Sowder verbals to Ohio State

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2ljfrxdhjejmccpdr5ccycxi2We had the chance to sit down with sophomore Cullen Sowder of Prior Lake High School and talk his decision to commit to the Ohio State University. Last season as a freshman, Sowder posted 10 goals and 1 assist. He played this past summer with the Team Minnesota Lacrosse Club.

10,000 Lakes: When did you make your decision?

Cullen Sowder: I made my decision on Thursday, January 17th.

10,000 Lakes: Why did you choose your school over others?

Cullen Sowder: I felt like I really connected with Coach Myers, Coach Dobbins, and all the other coaches. Their lacrosse program and philosophies also interested me. I also loved the school and all the educational opportunities it presented for me, making me feel like the school will help me get to my full potential.

10,000 Lakes: How was this past summer? Did you play on any club teams? Did you do any individual camps?

Cullen Sowder: This past summer was filled with lacrosse and football. I was a part of the Team Minnesota Rising Sophomore team; we went to the Denver Shootout, the Summer Sizzle, and the Notre Dame team camp. The individual camps I went to were Jake Reed’s Nike Blue Chip and Maverik Showtime.

10,000 Lakes: What’s the biggest difference from playing out east to playing back home in Minnesota? 

Cullen Sowder: The biggest difference I would have to say is the intensity and style of play in the game. Everyone is really good, so it’s really fast paced and much more of a challenge. I loved it though; I was able to play against some of the best kids in the country, which made me better.

10,000 Lakes: Do you now feel there is more pressure on you to do well since you committed so early?

Cullen Sowder: The recruiting pressure is now off, but there is more pressure to keep striving and working hard to get better every day to be able to play at the next level.

10,000 Lakes: Any tips for up and coming players trying to get better?


Photo Credit: Tom Schardin

Cullen Sowder: My biggest tip is to get a wall ball routine going and to watch videos of great college and professional players. Your stick skills will improve dramatically and so will your style of play. Also, never be afraid to ask questions! You will be surprised on how much you can learn from just asking a simple question.

10,000 Lakes: Last question. Who’s your favorite sports player in all of sports? 

Cullen Sowder: Louis Zamperini, he was a 1930’s Olympic runner for the US that was drafted into the US Army in 1941 during WWII. He became a prisoner of war in multiple Japanese camps, and went through many years of abuse. After he was rescued and the war was over, he experienced many personal challenges, but overtime, he overcame them. Louis is a real inspiration to me to never give up.

10,000 Lakes: Well thanks again Cullen for taking the time to sit down with us.

Cullen Sowder: Thanks, I appreciate it.


Check out Cullen’s highlight tape.

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