Recruiting Stories: Colin Achenbach

0 - Published February 19, 2013 by in Interviews

Today we had time to check in with Colin Achenbach, the most decorated Minnesota lacrosse player ever. Achenbach not only tells his recruiting story but he also gives priceless knoweldge to lacrosse players who aspire to play any form of college lacrosse.

10,000 Lakes: When did you know you wanted to play college lacrosse?

Colin Achenbach: I started playing lacrosse in eighth grade and it was something I kind of fell into. It wasn’t something I thought I could do past high school. Back then, there was only one summer tournament that a Minnesota travel team went to, which was the Vail Shootout in Colorado.  It was more of a fun trip not a recruiting trip. So getting exposure to college coaches was difficult. But after my sophomore year in high school I made the decision lacrosse is something I wanted to try and play in college.

10,000 Lakes:What recruiting camps did you go to?

Colin Achenbach:  I didn’t even know what was recruiting camp was when I started High school. I just though a college coach would show up in Minnesota and boom I would be set. There was a bit of a wake up call after my Junior season when no coaches came. That’s when my mom did some research online and found two camps for me to go to that summer. I went to one in Philadelphia and Blue Chip 225 at Fairfield University. I’m not even sure these recruitment events even still exists but at the time there wasn’t the resources and knowledge kids have today about getting recruited from MN.

10,000 Lakes: Did you do get all your recruiting looks at those camps or did you send video as well?

Colin Achenbach: It was all through those camps. I had a recruiting video that I had my dad made but was a joke. It wasn’t his fault but again there was no real guidance and what to send coach or how a recruitment video should be made.I was fortunate enough to make the all-star games at both camps, played pretty well in both games, and got the exposure I needed.

10,000 Lakes: What schools recruited you?

Colin Achenbach:  The childhood dream was Syracuse but I realized that wasn’t going to happen. I received letters from schools from all Divisions. But I narrowed it down to the five I thought would fit me best academically, athletically and socially. I visited Drexel, Pace University, C.W. Post, Adelphi University and NYIT. Visiting the schools and meeting with the coaches really gave me good idea of which school and program would fit me best. And ended up chose Pace University, but transferred to CW Post after my sophomore season.

10,000 Lakes: What advice can you give for Minnesota players who are looking to get recruited?

Colin Achenbach: The recruiting process now is so expensive. There are so many different options and opportunities out there. The things I think Minnesota players need to focus on is themselves first. Control the things you can control and good things will happen. Number one is Academics! You have to do well in the classroom. A college program can’t recruit you if you can’t get into their school. I can’t stress enough how important it is to take care of that first. Number two is your attitude and performance. You are the one who controls how hard you work, and if you are a good teammate, and are coachable. If you do the little things and put in the time, you will find a place to play lacrosse. Lastly, be assertive in the recruitment process. Go on the Internet and look at colleges and their programs. Make a list

of the top ten school/programs you would want to attend and play for, and also list why.

Do you want to play division 1, 2, 3, or club?

Do you want to live outside of MN?

What majors interest you?

What schools will challenge you academically?

Is playing time important to you?

This are just some of the questions you should ask, and they are many more, but by creating this list and asking these questions it will help you through the process. This will also help you when you are deciding on individual recruitment camps or travel teams to play for in the off season. You want to make sure you are going to programs the schools you are interested will be attending.

Colin Achenbach: It’s so important that when you’re getting recruited to realize that there are so many options to play college lacrosse. There is a home for everyone. But you need to pick a place that fits you the best. Playing college lacrosse is a great experience and honor, but you want to make sure you pick a school you would feel comfortable at without lacrosse. Lacrosse is only a small piece to the puzzle, make sure you are choosing a school for a variety of reasons.

10,000 Lakes: Well thanks again Colin for taking the time to sit down with us.

Colin Achenbach: Thanks, I appreciate it. IF anyone ever needs help or advice with the recruitment process please don’t hesitate to contact me. My email is I will gladly help or direct you in any way I can.

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