Minnesota Leadership Summit

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Date: Saturday, March 23

Coache’s Session: 12:00 – 1:00 p.m.

Player’s Session: 2:45 – 3:45 p.m.

Speaker: Richie Meade, Team USA & Furman University Head Coach

Admission: Free


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“In our work running captains’ practices we constantly run into upperclassmen who have been appointed this enourmous task of leadership but have been given little to no guideance on what it actual means to be a leader or captain. As a result we often see captains operate out of fear or from a sense of entitelment. As a varsity coach I realize that this issue starts from the top. It is my job to set the standards for the team, this includes setting standards for my leaders and captains. They need to know that leadership is often a thankless undertaking that is rooted in service and selflessness. Unfortunately, I have yet to write out that job description and fear I lack the skills to break those things down pragmatically.

-Aron Lipkin, Minneapolis Lacrosse Head Varsity Coach

The goal of the Captain’s Cup Leadership Summit is to help coaches and players answer two simple but vital questions. As a player, what is my job as a captain and leader? As a coach, what standards do I set for my captains and leaders?

Through two seperate one-hour long seminars featuring some of the lacrosse communities’ top leaders and coaches, we hope to provide insight, inspiration and answers that can help coaches and players enter the 2013 season with renewed vision, clarity and defined purpose.

Richie Meade

Team USA and Furman University head coach Richie Meade will be our keynote speaker for the inaugural Leadership Summit.

Richie has spent time coaching at Duke, North Carolina, Army and most notably the US Naval Academy where he spent 20 years helping guide the Midshipmen to seven NCAA tournament appearances and five Patriot League championships. He also currently serves as the head coach for Team USA and will lead the team in the 2014 World Lacrosse Championship in Denver, CO.


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