Midwest Lacrosse Showcase

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LC Moerschel, the Minnesota Director of True Lacrosse, sat down to discuss the upcoming Twin Cities Showcase that is supposed to hit the Twin Cities in fashion July 17th and 18th.

10,000 Lakes: Why should players be excited for the Twin Cities Showcase?

LC Moerschel: We have really high expectations for the showcase because it’s really the first of it’s kind. A lot of times you’ll see one college come out, but the focus on this is to bring the coach to player ratio down than at a tournament like Hotbeds. At those tournaments, there can be 200 teams there with only 60-70 coaches there. We want to have 10-15 coaches with 150 kids, with a 15:1 coach to player ratio. All of a sudden you’re looking at better numbers and more likely that a kid is actually going to be seen. On top of that, the coaches can interact with the players and see what kind of character the player has, if there a good student athlete, and if they fit their mold. A lot of coaches are looking for the complete package – credibility – character – honor – integrity.

Our expectations is that it’s going to change the landscape here and create a new opportunity here in the metro area.

10,000 Lakes: Why should players pick this over a recruiting camp out east besides cost?

LC Moerschel: It’s short enough, but long enough at the same time. Two days gives the players time to showcase their abilities and still get recruited. On top of that, the showcases out east are sometimes hard to get into. The best ones you have to get a couple referrals or a personal invite. We have Top 20 coaches coming from Yale, some lower D1 coaches, and some D3 midwest coaches that we are going to continue to add to the list on top of MCLA coaches too. We anticipate 10-15 coaches when it’s all said and done. We think it’s a no-brainer if you live in Minnesota or the midwest area. It’s a Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday type of deal instead of the weekend.

10,000 Lakes: Do you hope all the local teams and elite teams buy into this?

LC Moerschel: It would be nice to establish that precedent that becomes more than just a one time thing and that players look forward each year. We will be sending a portion of our True Lacrosse kids there. I’ve extended the invitation to Minnesota Elite and I would like to extend invitations to representatives from Team Minnesota, the Loons, Jaxx, Headstrong MN, and Lakeshore.

10,000 Lakes: Anything else you want to add?

LC Moerschel: We’re really pleased that we could get these college coaches on board this early in the game and start to generate the buzz. I honesty think it could be one of those things where it becomes a annual event that players look forward to each year. Once you get that power behind you we can get more and more coaches to come out. All of a sudden it becomes the premier event in Minnesota that can break the habit of spending a ton of money to go play out east. The quality of guys were bringing in is top notch. The pedigree is there, the character is there, and we’re just really excited about the event.

10,000 Lakes: Well thanks again for taking the time to talk to us.

LC Moerschel: Thanks, I appreciate it.



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