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Jack O’Connor verbals to Union College

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We had the chance to sit down with senior Jack O’Connor of Breck High School and talk his decision to commit to Union College. Last season as a junior, O’Connor posted 30 goals and 10 assists. He played this past summer with the Minnesota Elite Lacrosse Club.

10,000 Lakes: Jack, so why did you choose Union College?

Jack O’Connor: I choose Union because the academics give me a great opportunity and it reminded me a lot about Breck so I felt comfortable. It was small, I really liked the campus, and the coach was a really nice guy. He’s an older funny guy from Long Island and we had a really good relationship from the start.

10,000 Lakes: What other schools did you consider?

Jack O’Connor: I was looking at Depuaw and Ohio Wesleyan for lacrosse and Denver and Providence if I wasn’t going to pursue lacrosse.

10,000 Lakes: Any advice you can give to younger players to get better?

Jack O’Connor: I really suggest going out and playing on a travel team in the summer. You get all your recruiting done. I had a really good experience with Minnesota Elite. They make you a highlight tape, take you to a bunch of tournaments, and give you the first step to get you in the door with coaches, and then the process is up to you.

862861_10200561747868522_1114859027_n10,000 Lakes: What are your hopes for the Mustangs this year?

Jack O’Connor: I agree with our new coach (Stu Van Ess) that we can be a state contender this year. We have a lot of young talent and only lost two players last year. We’ve been working pretty hard in the off-season and have been starting to come together a lot better than last year and hopefully win more than one game.

10,000 Lakes: Well thanks Jack for taking the time to sit down with us and catch up with your recruiting.

Jack O’Connor: Thanks, I appreciate it.


It will be interesting to see how the Mustangs do this year with a new coaching staff. Is this the year they finally get a

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